The Link Up: Em’s Cute Vacation Windbreaker, Ryann’s Perfect Travel Purse, And Two Books That Are Making Our Lives Better

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a busy week as we prepare for Em to be out for spring break! You’ll hear more about it in a second but let’s just say we all wish we could fit in her suitcase. So while we dream of beautiful vacations, let’s also check out some links:)

This week’s house tour is a romantic, pattern-filled southern dream. Louisa Pierce of Pierce & Ward outdid herself. Maybe this quote will entice you – “My house is my test lab—I do wacky things all the time. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I want my home to be luxurious and beautiful, but I want anyone who comes in to feel comfortable.” Go check it all out here!

See that kitchen up there?! That’s Orlando’s new LA kitchen that we gave a very pretty facelift to! He talks all about it in his new substack newsletter, The Lost Arrow, so go subscribe. We promise you’ll love it.

From Emily: We are headed out for Spring break soon, somewhere where it could rain a bit (the mountains of Costa Rica!!) so I needed something to layer that would be an extra protective layer but not warm at all. I went to the mall and after trying on so many, found this awesome boxy windbreaker that is so cute and pairs so well with all of my biker shorts that I will inevitably be wearing. It has pockets (cell phone) and is rain resistant (ish… like you wouldn’t wear it in a rain storm but shields you from getting your normal clothes too wet). I love a simple, extremely lightweight spring layer. This is my new favorite.

From Ryann: My husband and I are going to Japan in less than 2 months (EEEEEEEK) and a few weeks ago he surprised me with this super versatile shoulder bag. I love how simple and utilitarian it is and think it is going to be perfect for our travels. Speaking of our travels, I would love any Tokyo recs! Know of any restaurants, shopping, design stores, excursions, or sights we must see?? Let me know!!

From Caitlin: My boyfriend was in town last month (for ~ Valentine’s Day ~, ooooooh) and in true romantic fashion, I dragged him to Hennessey + Ingalls and forced him to stand there while I looked at every book in the shop. (I kid, I kid, he liked it too!!! If you’re in LA, it’s a must-visit – they exclusively carry art and architecture books and it’s SO FUN to explore in there.) To that end, I grabbed this book on Postmodern Design and I could not recommend it more. We had so much fun looking through all the pages (seriously, it’s 480 pages, we made it through every single one) AND it turns out that the dust jacket makes a pretty great impromptu cover for my Samsung Frame receiver. You’ll see the actual photos soon, but DANG DID I FIGURE OUT A FUN HACK OR WHAT? Like killin’ two birds with one link (???? I’ve lost myself here, sorry) – just wanted to share a great book and an easy hack for hiding some unappealing technology.

From Mallory: I found a STEAL over the weekend and snagged this Everlane sweater secondhand (tag still on!!) I immediately grabbed it and went online to find that it’s still available AND on sale!! Because it was secondhand I got it for like $30 (wild) but I easily would have paid full price now knowing how comfy it is. I’m truly living in it and could not recommend it enough!!

From Albie: I don’t know about you, however, sometimes I just need a good word to get me through the day. My best friend mentioned this book to me & I immediately added it to my cart & even got my sister a copy. It’s become one of the many things in my “adulting is hard” toolkit. I don’t actually follow The Daily Stoic daily — I have a completely devotional book that I try to start every day with. It’s more of a mid-day check-in or mental/emotional resource when I feel overwhelmed, unclear in my thoughts, or just off balance.

From Jess: I just got The Brow Glue Laminating Setting Gel from NYX and it’s great! I think it works just as well as any other brow gels I’ve used and it’s only $9! I got the medium brown color.

Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Orlando Soria | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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