The Smartest Way To Add Coziness/The Accessory That Everyone At EHD Wants

Are you on the edge of your seat wondering, “Jess! Please tell us about this magic that’s going to solve all of my cozy decor problems!”?? Well, it’s the candelabra. So while it won’t dance around your home like Lumière, it will add a stunning sculptural decor moment, a beautiful ambiance if lit (and honestly even when not lit), and add a little color should you so choose.

I’ve come to realize that I have an infinity for sculptural pieces, be it fashion or design (I mean I won’t shut up about my shoulder pads or wide-leg trousers!). It’s just that those types of pieces are usually simple yet so impactful which means you don’t really need much else to complete the look (an outfit or a designed room).

Take this room that Emily styled with Crate & Barrel. Look at that wildly cool candelabra (ugh I wish we had a better shot of it!). See the difference with and without it?? It adds instant art and texture! Plus this one is BIG in person so the high impact is completely undeniable. Em even said she was planning on getting it for her house because it was so cool.

I myself have a bit of an issue with purchasing candelabras. Or wait, can I call myself a candelabra collector?? Does that make it OK? In reality, I think I only have about three but in a one-bedroom apartment that’s not a small amount. Regardless, I love them all dearly. The one above is one of my most prized possessions and when asked last week what my favorite piece in my living room was it was on the list. If they thought I could only choose one piece they were out of their mind.

I actually found this perfect piece of wrought iron art in Chicago at a thrift store called Brown Elephant for $6!!!!!!! This could EASILY go for a couple of hundred dollars if it was sold at a high-end decor shop. It just looks so beautiful and adds so much visually to my room. I will never part with it.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to have great holiday cocktail party in a tiny apartment (all the hacks you need to know)

But the first candelabra that made my serotonin levels go through the roof was that black metal beauty above by ferm LIVING. There was no stopping me when I laid my eyes on it. And look what a cool and modern shape it brings to this table setting! Impact!

design by cassandra lavalle | photo by ellie lillstrom | from: cassandra lavalle’s basement kitchen reveal!! + a case for that one original design element you hate becoming your favorite

The other cool thing though about candelabras is that you honestly don’t even need to put candles in them if you don’t want to like Cassandra LaValle did with that really sweet blue ceramic one. It can just act as an object rather than a potential fire hazard:)

Or if you really want to make a grand tablescape statement, you can easily double up on the candelabras like Ginny and Mel did for the Griffith Park formal dining room.

photo by tessa neustadt | from: the finished patio (with the tile!)

But one trick I truly love that is SO easy is to play with the candle colors. See how Em chose those pretty blue ones for her old patio? They aren’t super bold but they also bring the whole look together in a more unexpected way don’t you think?

styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to throw an elevated garden party with press premium seltzer + sustainable outdoor party styling tips

And what I really love about them is that they really bring in height in such a cool way with not a lot of fuss. Take this incredible candelabra Emily Bowser used for a sponsored party we had. First off, it’s simply beautiful. But second, it brings your eye up, adds another warm neutral color with the candlesticks, and instead of needing a bunch of individual candlestick holders, this is a one-and-done, baby!

Now, I’m sure I don’t actually need to convince you that candelabras are awesome. But I do think that when we think of them we associate them with being really fancy or over the top when that’s really not the case for most of what’s on the market. Instead, they add a visually impactful moment in your home and make it feel cozier, lit or unlit. I decided to round up 15 of my current favorites with taper candle pairings. These pairings are just suggestions so do as you wish! (And if you’re into patterned candlesticks get some great ones out here:))

The angled cousin of my curvy candelabra! I think this guy is so beautiful and a classic so there’s no fear of it going out of style. It also would look great with almost any color taper but I love these naturalbeeswax ones as a neutral alternative to white that feels perfectly fall.

I almost got goosebumps when I saw those shorter dark blue candles. I’m very much into shorter tapers right now! These ones are scented but say it’s a “crisp and clean” smell as well as “burns clean and smokeless with a warm golden flame.” There are more great things about them if you go to the site! I wanted to pair them with something luxe and what better option than a white marble candelabra?? Oh, I know what’s better…the fact that it’s only $35:)

Speaking of luxury, gold is also kind of THE option when talking about that topic. This modern but versatile candelabra is awesome and is only $37! I love the way it all connects in the center. Then for the candlesticks, I loved these ivory-fluted beauties. They are just a softer warm option that looks still simple and elegant (especially with that gold).

Let’s get moody for a second, shall we? This rustic metal candelabra looks very vintage-inspired which I love! And since it has those sweet leaf (?) details, I thought to contrast, a twisted taper but in a dark color would be perfect. Very happy with the pairing!

Do you all know the story of how Emily bought that SIN candelabra (well, the larger version) at a flea market? Regardless, it’s so beautiful and was designed by Virgina Sin who I am personally a huge fan of. I actually got to go to a sample sale of hers in NYC last year which what awesome. But I digress. As you can see, a simple white candle is a beautiful match but trying something like these ombre candles would be a cool and interesting way to add in a fall color, no?

Of course, I was going to add a couple of vintage options. I actually think you can find a ton of great deals on really cool ones from local thrift shops, garage sales, flea markets, etc. I am clearly speaking from personal experience:) I do however love this one from Etsy! As the title suggests, it’s very Scandinavian and wildy sweet. I love that it’s wood too! For the candlestick pairing, I wanted to go for another short taper and fell for this color! I think it would all look so great together.

This candelabra looks like it belongs in the same family as my ferm LIVING one meaning I am automatically a massive fan! The ball center is so cool and those cone candlestick holders are also so chic. But um, it’s part of the Sarah Sherman Samual collection so of course I love it! I do think pairing this with a solid-colored taper is the way to go. I really like this blue but honestly, any color would look great.

Would you believe me if I told you this was H&M?! I know! It’s so cool and affordable and would add the perfect amount of modern texture to any styled room. I honestly really loved the dark beige tapers they paired it with so it’s 10/10 all around for me!

I had to add one colorful piece and boy do I love this one. It’s not inexpensive but it is completely handmade and currently on preorder (there are more color options too!) What a perfect piece to add to your home for more color and pattern. And again, I loved the taper candle choice so light pink it is!

Iron candelabras have my heart! And it’s no surprise that this one is a part of Athena Calderone’s collaboration with Crate & Barrel. Simple and stunning and no notes. But I do think a moody grey taper candle would look incredible with it. Thoughts?

Now, let’s get a little more whimsical with this beautiful gold number! It’s feminine without being too ornate and that warm gold tone is perfect. So to keep the warmth going (especially since it’s fall), these short pleated tapers are perfect. Simple details are the name of the game here.

It was time we got a little postmodern, don’t you think? I am a BIG fan of bronze (and squiggles) so you know I love this. I also love that this squiggle doesn’t feel too trendy. It’s the bronze that tones it down. But it comes in gold if you want it to feel a bit more contemporary! Then I knew the candle had to be this mossy green. Isn’t that a beautiful color pairing??

So while I love that handpainted floral one I just talked about, this one has the same vibe but neutral which might be more up your alley. It’s also more affordable since it’s not handmade which could make it more accessible for you! Then look at those mixed sky-colored tapers! Three candles for three spots on that candelabra:)

Come on Art Deco candelabra!! It’s vintage (clearly) so there’s only one, but if anyone buys it please take a pic of how you style it and send it to me! It’s just so special. And since it should shine I think going for a light neutral taper is the way to go like these light grey ones.

I don’t know if you can consider this a candelabra since it’s also a bowl but I am! What a cool take on the idea. It’s also from ferm LIVING and they can do no wrong in my eyes. And since it’s a natural texture and tone, going with a bold contrasting twisted black taper candle would look pretty sick…especially (but not exclusively) for Halloween;) Stay tuned tomorrow for more on that!

I hope my love for candelabras got you excited to either bust out one or two that you already have or maybe consider grabbing one to make your house a little cozier (and cooler if you ask me).

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: Griffith Park Formal Dining Room Reveal