You Don’t Want To Miss These 9 Home Projects – Our Personal Must-Follows!

The internet is full of incredible design content and it constantly keeps me/us inspired. The only downside of the “amount” of content is that it’s easy to miss projects that are really fun and special–ones that maybe even pertain more to you, your home, and your budget (like DIY projects) as opposed to the seemingly budgetless reveals in places like Elle Decor or Architectural Digest. I’m speaking to myself on this one:) It’s not that those aspirational homes don’t serve a purpose. I LOVE them and we all can get A TON of ideas from them. However, there are a few home projects/renovations from fellow designers/content creators that the EHD team and I are very excited to see develop. Some of them are just about to start so we can follow them from the jump! So that’s what these next eight projects are, projects to give you cool, realistic ideas, maybe teach you some new tricks, and ultimately get you inspired. Let’s start with one that we technically have talked about once before.

Bri Emery is an old friend of Emily’s (remember this project) and she and her husband have been renovating an A-frame home in Upstate New York in the MOST visually exciting way. I featured her incredible kitchen in our 2023 kitchen trends post under the “whimsical/design your kitchen just for you” category. It may not be a kitchen that everyone would want but boy is it a masterpiece for anyone who loves beautifully made, colorful, original kitchens. Bri has been slowly revealing bits and pieces of the rest of the home as they go and we think it’s a must-follow. Look at that cute corner built-in! Enjoy!

Kim and Scott design thoughtful, clean, inviting spaces so when they announced this week that they were starting to slowly renovate a small mid-century modern home with the coolest front door and living room windows I was SO excited. They are DIY experts so this is going to be really fun to follow along!

Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess is no stranger to happy, colorful design…or moving:) So while she and her husband (and two young daughters) have lived in Tennesee for eight years total, they are moving back to her hometown in Missouri. Given that their daughters were getting to the age when it becomes harder to move and that they want to be closer to family, it made the most sense to do it now. If you’ve followed along Elsie’s other homes you know you are in store for something very special. I mean, look at this secret kid library!

We got to meet Amanda at the Meridian Experience last year and she was so wonderful. Her DIYs are so inspiring and last year she decided to tackle her kitchen…and pregnant no less! So while this project started towards the end of last year, it went from just a facelift to a full gut job because something unexpected popped up…water damage. But it’s not done quite yet so go back to experience the progress and then we can all celebrate the reveal together!

I mean, if you want to see a dream MCM house then run to Arvin’s account! His home is spectacular and he has been carefully renovating bits and pieces while thoughtfully decorating each space. It’s minimal, natural, and with the perfect amount of vintage. He even did a little DIY removing paint for his wood beam ceiling!

I think the entire team is in awe of Drew’s wildly creative and ambitious DIYs. So when he bought his house last year all of us couldn’t wait to see what he was going to come up with. So far he has NOT disappointed. They are unique and special and you should start following him now if you don’t already.

So this is not a “brand new project” but I still think that everyone should be following along. Katie got to buy back her beloved family home in Minnesota (built in the 1800s) and it’s such a special story. She seems to mainly document the process on her awesome show The Art of Vintage on the Magnolia Network but it’s still a must Instagram follow as well as a must-watch show. As an artist, she designs freely and has the deepest love for fun vintage treasures. As a reminder, this was the kitchen we featured a few years ago before she moved!

Ok, ok so while this reel isn’t exactly the project I was going to talk about you should know first and foremost that Racheal is an INCREDIBLE muralist. These “gummy worms” as she calls them are my favorite. But beyond her mural work, she is designing and renovating her 1970s home and it’s so awesome. Full of color, full of vintage, and full of love. 10/10. Must follow.

This one happened to pop up on my feed on Wednesday and I thought, “AH I have to add this to the list!” If you know Mandi then you know she too is an insanely talented designer/DIYer. We’ve featured her work before because they are always SO GOOD. So while I’m sad to see her leave her old home, I am more than excited to see where she takes this one. I am ready for the ride.

Now, there are many many more that could be added to this list because like I said at the top there is just so much good content out there! Please comment below any others that you are really excited about. This is the tip of the iceberg and if you like this post we will try to do more:)

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Katie Sarokhanian | Photos by Kelly Christine | From: “The Kitchen Coronavirus Built”: A Jaw-Dropping, DIY Kitchen That Truly Proves The Sky’s The Limit

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