The Link Up: Em’s NEW Favorite Romance Beach Read, The Concealer Makeup Stick Jess Has Been Dying To Try, And A New Clothing Store We LOVE

Happy Sunday y’all! The warm weather miiiiight be here for good and we are PUMPED!! Some of us might even attempt a beach day this weekend:) Hope the weather is great where you are too but before it’s time to soak in those much-needed rays of sunshine let’s get to these links…

This week’s house tour has us all pretty jealous! Chloe Fineman (SNL Actor) might have the most wonderful apartment we’ve seen in New York. And it’s a rental! It’s clearly full of beautiful (expensive) pieces including lots of vintage but you can also feel like a real person lives there (not always the case with fancy house tours). It’s layered, full of pattern and color but in a muted and cozy way. Go check it out here!

From Emily: I just finished Emily Henry’s new book and I smiled for days while reading it. If you are into my rom-com recommendations (easy reads, happy endings, zero anxiety, look forward to reading every single night) then this book is for you. I loved her first book (Beach ReadKindle and Local), enjoyed her second book (People We Meet on VacationKindle and Local) and less so, but still liked her third book (Book LoversKindle and Local). I was nervous that she was starting to pump them out too fast (which I fully understood and I want her to dominate financially so those book deals are so huge). But I’m so happy to say that I loved Happy Place (her most recent – Kindle and Local) as much if not MORE than Beach Read. It’s a coming-of-age romance, about a group of college friends and a super appealing/sweet love between two of them. It’s about what happens the 10 years after college and I found myself relating to it so much (Brian and I met in college as you know, all our friends dispersed and struggled to stay in each other’s lives, etc). Per usual her dialogue is excellent (funny without seeming like she tries too hard) and the pacing, the friendships – all of it. Listen, I also just finished The Candy House so I do dabble in real literature too, but y’all, I didn’t enjoy it (gave me anxiety) and it just felt like so much work to follow the story (more of a reflection on me than the book, I know). This book, Happy Place, I enjoyed reading it so much – every single second. I’m very excited to dive into Meet Me At The Lake (Kindle and Local) this weekend (Carley Fortune’s new book and if you haven’t read Every Summer After you should RIGHT NOW – Kindle and Local). It’s truly the beach read of this summer – you can’t put it down and it makes you feel VERY GOOD.

photo by kaitlin green

Also From Emily: I just wanted to shout out my favorite denim dress one more time. It’s definitely not cheap but I’ve had it for over a year and I wear it A LOT. Whenever I throw it on I feel so comfortable (it’s loose) and cool (an added bonus:)). If you missed yesterday’s fashion post I have a few more options I also love.

From Arlyn: You know the things you have you love so much, you lose track of how many people you’ve recommended them to? That’s these Bombas Gripper Slippers. I don’t recall ever sharing them here, but if I have, consider this a reminder. My husband calls these my “elf shoes” and a friend asked me “what are those?!?” once when she saw them, but neither of them know anything, and these are great. They’re basically a roomy sock with grippers on the bottom and a little cushioning to make them more like a slipper. Plus, I just feel really good about buying from Bombas for so many reasons (including their lifetime guarantee on their products: if they don’t hold up or are getting too worn down, they’ll just send you new ones…for free…what?!?). 

From Mallory: I was emailed marketed hard for this cute and classic crop top and man did that marketing hit its target. I immediately added it to cart and can’t wait for it to arrive!! This almost made it into my cart too but I had some restraint this time (but no promises for later though, it could end up in my closet eventually). I’ve bought a few different pieces from Oak + Fort recently and have always been impressed by the quality compared to the price. It feels like it’s really hitting that Zara price bracket but with slightly more elevated pieces and I am here for it. If you’re in the market for some summer clothes check them out:)

From Caitlin: I just tried these new ingrown hair patches – like a zit sticker, but for areas that grow hair! – and I HAVE BEEN BLOWN AWAY. I am about to write some very embarrassing personal information, so buckle up: my waxer recommended these patches to me because I have a few cystic ingrown hairs that keep coming back, wax after wax. I don’t necessarily love the aesthetics and I’ve caused scarring in the past by extracting them myself (again, not proud to write this on the internet), so I was in dire need of an at-home solution. While I initially balked at the price tag (that much for 12 patches?!), I can now confirm that these are 100% worth it – I’ve since used four of them on two particularly stubborn ingrowns and the results have been INCREDIBLE (though I would argue with their “6-hour” claim – it took mine two nights to totally surface and calm down). ANYWAY – if you’ve ever shaved or waxed and struggled with an uncomfortable ingrown hair afterward (and they work anywhere – face, armpits, chest, legs, pubic area, you name it!), I can’t recommend keeping a box of these on hand enough – they’re total lifesavers.

From Jess: I finally did it. I bought Merit’s “The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Foundation and Concealer Stick” and so far I love it! I really don’t love wearing a ton of makeup but I also want an even skin tone…which I don’t naturally have lol. So this concealer stick is great because it’s a buildable medium coverage that you can apply with your fingers that looks really natural! Everyone’s skin tone is clearly different but I was matched with the Bisque shade if that helps at all. Enjoy!

Also From Jess: If you haven’t heard, let me be the first to introduce you to a WONDERFUL new podcast called Wiser Than Me, with host Julia Louis-Dreyfus (I KNOW!). Julia (in her early 60s) is exclusively interviewing women older (and wiser, or so she says) than her. Women like Jane Fonda, Fran Lebowitz, Isabelle Allende, and more! With each passing year, I find that I want and need stories of older women who have led and continue to lead beautifully full, inspiring lives. I’m so grateful for Julia, this podcast, and the women who are willing to tell their stories.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday and be sure to come back tomorrow afternoon for a very fun surprise deal you all might be interested in:) xx

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