Our Back Patio Reveal! (+ How Everything’s Held Up To 6 Months Of Portland Weather)

The light at the end of the construction tunnel is getting bigger and brighter every day – we are hoping to be fully blinded by June. So it’s time to start showing you some of the finished spaces – starting with our kitchen patio. We’ve already spent many nights on this patio with family, kids playing soccer in the grass til 9 pm, grownups around the table, wine aplenty and I feel a flood of hope for the future, relief that we are happy here, and gratefulness that you are all still following along. Thank you 🙂 The landscaping and exterior construction was the second phase that we tackled, and it was a beast that almost devoured me whole. But we made it! Alive and with less mud! For today’s project, we partnered with Sunbrella on this patio, knowing that we wanted cushion fabric that provided comfort for our tushies for long hang sessions and durability from the weather/wine. Let me introduce you to our finished kitchen patio.

Where Is This Kitchen Patio?

The reason this patio was even a priority is that the living room (and deck on the right in the rendering) is west facing, which means that the afternoon sun is super hot over there and shadeless (the trees are too far away). Now that’s all fine and good – we’ll have umbrellas and can sit underneath the one big oak tree with friends (and it’s only hot/sunny a few months of the year). But on a daily basis when it’s just us four, we wanted somewhere closer to the shaded south-facing kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It goes without saying that we are spoiled when it comes to places to hang out, but come 4 pm this area is full of shade and so lovely (and while I’m not a meteorologist a fun fact about being in the PNW is that 6 pm is the hottest time of the day, it does NOT cool down til 9 pm – truly baffling). So that’s why we invested in this patio early.

Three Years Ago…

When we first bought the property it looked like this (above) and it was still charming. Sure, it needed work but the potential was so clear. The family that lived here before also had it as a little kitchen patio. They had a covered walkway that came from a carport with eccentric rooflines. We removed part of it because the walkway didn’t line up with the new kitchen windows and the new stairs. It had become incredibly awkward and was kinda falling down, so we took off half of it. Here’s a quick video tour if you want to walk through the space with me (just wait for the ad to play please and thank you!!!)

There she is now! It makes me soooo happy. New siding. New windows. New EVERYTHING. We decided to take the hardscape all the way to the house mostly to make this a forever mud-free zone (I think we are pretty scarred from the last two years of mud) and chose pots instead of planting straight in the ground. The brick herringbone is so pretty and classic (and Native Northwest did a great job of installing), and while the original Yardzen plan called for window boxes, once we got the corner plants and the umbrella we felt that it was enough. We will be doing more of a full reveal of this south side of the house, but the plants aren’t grown in enough so today is all about the patio and Sunbrella, our fabric partner here.

Table and Chair Set | Seat Cushions

We kept everything here pretty classic, hoping that it looks integrated with the older style home. I bought the table and chair set from Ballard Design, including the cushions made with Sunbrella fabric, and at first, I was worried the table and chairs were going to be too small or just not cool enough, but once styled out I love the vibe. The black legs tie in with the metal of the stair railing, and wood always looks good outside. Since these are teak and slatted my hope is that we can leave them out for the occasional rain and then fold them and put them away for the winter. As you know, we are not good about covering our furniture (and this is so prominent that I wouldn’t want to walk up to and stare at furniture covers six months of the year anyway) thus us choosing something that folds/stores easily and isn’t totally upholstered. While I’ve only had these for six months I can say I am very happy with this table/chair set and I’ll continue to let you know (fun fact: our mountain house upstairs deck is still in perfect condition despite harsh weather).


I LOVE how the black and white striped umbrella made with Sunbrella fabric ties it all together and creates a sense of a room. The pattern is super classic and adds some pattern and visual interest in one big pow. Since the herringbone brick is a pattern and the slats on the wood feel like a stripe I didn’t want to keep adding busyness, so we went with the sold white seat cushions which really toned it down in a good way. These cushions have been outside now for weeks since I got them and look brand new – Sunbrella fabric truly is just so durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant.

The entire set is easy to take down and store for winter (and we even bought more chairs to add to when we have more guests as they were pretty affordable).

While this area does get shady by 4 pm we wanted to be able to eat lunch out here and you can see what a difference the umbrella makes. Left is no umbrella = full dangerous sun for my baby white skin and right = shady and less hot.

Enamelware (similar) | Pitcher (similar)

I styled it out with some vintage enamel camping dishes and serveware in blue to contrast with the warm tones. Blush and blue forever:)

Striped Pillows

The cushions made with Sunbrella fabric fit nicely on the chairs and are rather comfortable, and with little ties, when it’s about to rain, you pop them off and they store so well. They come in a ton of different colors and of course, are weather-resistant. Also, my brother who is not a wee man found them perfectly comfortable – I was a little nervous that these chairs were too petite for my large man friends, but the reviews are in and they are super solid and feel big enough.

I wear overalls now because FARM. And those blossoms came from our orchard and are so so pretty.


Outdoor Sconce | Bench | Pillow | Side Table (vintage) | Lanterns | Candles | Cooper Mugs | Terra Cotta Planters | Dark Rust Planter

We kept it earthy with the pots, using the big ones that were left on the property, and adding in some pretty terra cotta and dark rust (both from Rejuvenation). I bought the lanterns from Terrain and huge candles from Pottery Barn (HOP TIP – do not leave them in the 95-degree sun – they both melted like an inflatable Gumbi). The copper exterior sconces are throughout our exterior, from Rejuvenation – Again, I love them so much and they add the perfect contrast.

This kitchen patio is a pretty darn lovely place to be, with the right balance of architectural hardness (brick, concrete, railings) and comfort-inducing softness (natural wood, fabric, plants, and umbrella). A huge thanks to the following: Sunbrella for partnering on this area, Yardzen for creating the initial design, Studio Campo for weighing in on all the things, and Native Northwest for executing it all (not a small job).


Table and Chair Set: Ballard Designs
Seat Cushion:
Sunbrella via Ballard Designs
Chair Striped Pillows:
Sunbrella via Birch Lane
Bench Pillow:
Sunbrella via Sien + Co
Sunbrella via Ballard
Lighting: Rejuvenation

Planters (New): Rejuvenation
Bench: Rejuvenation
Brick: Mutual Materials
House Paint Color: SW 7005 Pure White by Sherwin-Williams
Door Paint Color: SW 9655 Mountain Pass by Sherwin-Williams
Windows and Doors: 
White oak, Aspen Casement by Sierra Pacific Windows

This post was sponsored by Sunbrella but all words and opinions are mine🙂

*Design by Emily Henderson, Yardzen, and ARCIFORM
*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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