Want One Of Our Rugs??? Now Is The Time For A 25% Off Discount! (+ See How They Work With ANY Style)

Hello! The sense of pride and giddiness I feel when I get to talk about our rug line is pretty huge. Emily and I really thought about all of you when we were creating it (duh). We knew and wanted it to be super versatile (so relatively neutral) but of course still special (aka not boring). And in case you haven’t heard this is a pretty massive sale month meaning if you are in the market for a new rug, now would be an ideal time to maximize on savings.

Today, I not only wanted to show you our rugs again (well, most of them at least ha) but I also wanted this post to include a service. I know that when it comes to choosing things like rugs, lights, paint colors, etc., for a whole house, people tend to get overwhelmed. And look it can be overwhelming! So I thought I would mix and match a “plush rug” with a more “utility-style rug” and show you them in seven different styles. I think it’ll show their versatility and might spark some rug ideas for your home. Honestly, I could have created a hundred combos because these rugs work so well together but it’s a holiday week and we don’t have all day! So enjoy and let me know what you think:)

The Classic EHD Combo:)

Blue Oregon Plaid Wool Area Rug | Natural Hillcrest Jute and Wool Area Rug

Tonal gray-blues, whites, wood tones, some pattern…it’s EHD in a nutshell! Sure some unlacquered brass is missing but currently we are leaving metals out of our rugs:) I just think this is SUCH a pretty combo and feels effortless in Emily’s farmhouse. So while all of these rugs are “EHD farmhouse-approved,” if you want to guarantee that classic EHD vibe you cannot miss with one or both of these rugs in your home.

Actually, the Oregon is currently one of our top sellers and we are not surprised. We instantly fell in love with it because the blues were perfect and the handstitched look made it look so much more expensive than it is. It also comes in black and a beige/rust! The Hillcrest was another instant, “Oh, this is good,” when we saw the sample. Also, this material blend is softer than a typical jute so cute easily be a living or bedroom rug too.

Soft Modern

Ivory Rowena Checked Wool Area Rug | Natural Molino Jute Area Rug

I might be partial to this one:) Currently, the Molino is in my kitchen (sorry my kitchen is not ready for the internet) and I’ve been eyeing the Rowena for my bedroom. I was playing with it in a few mood boards this weekend so I’ll keep you posted!

Honestly, the Rowena is one of those rugs that’s a shapeshifter. It can effortlessly go more traditional, but then totally neutral farmhouse, or a little modern with the right furniture pieces. Plus it’s a two-pile rug and has a ton of personality with that medium-scale grid pattern. Now the Molino will automatically give your space that cool chic vibe. The medium dark tones and modern “random” asymmetrical pattern are both very on trend yet not so trendy that it won’t look cool in five years.

Contemporary Cool

Blue Fountain Checked Wool Area Rug | Natural Oberlin Striped Jute Area Rug

Now, if your style is more contemporary we’ve got you too! Look at how fun these cuties are together. Bold, graphic, and colorful (well, one is colorful:)). In the early stages, I was concerned that this drop might not have enough contemporary options but boy I was wrong! I think this looks so fresh and playful together. But what’s also cool is to see the Oberlin in our Portland photographer, Kaitlin, cottagecore-esque Scandinavian bedroom. While this combo leans modern, Kailtin’s bedroom is totally different vibe. See? Versatile.

Modern Eclectic

Grey Blue Jay Colorblocked Wool Area Rug | Blue Lake Striped Jute Area Rug

This combo feels very “cool” to me and I LOVE IT. I also can’t not fall in love with every abstract geometric shape I see. It’s a problem. I actually also have the Blue Jay on one bedroom mood board too:)

I think these two work so well together because not only are their names in reference to the same area (hint hint) but the color palette is great, there’s a mix of slightly warm and cool tones, as well as pattern scale variation. They both have lines and geometric shapes but in two very different ways. 10/10 combo…if I do say to myself.

Organic Minimalism

Ivory Waverly Broken Stripe Area Rug | Natural Geneva Tasseled Jute Area Rug

This one is for my organic California casual people! Soft, textured, and interesting. I love that the Waverly is a mix of a broken stripe and a grid pattern but in the most subtle way since it’s all one color (but two different pile heights for interest and foot massages). Then the Geneva is just incredibly cool and fun. It feels like the wild child of the group. It will make any room instantly more exciting but not in an overly loud way. It is a neutral-toned rug after all:)

Modern Farmhouse

Grey Portland Plaid Wool Area Rug | Natural Raleigh Striped Jute Area Rug

Keeping the colors still at bay, this combo is also fun and bold but in a modern farmhouse kind of way. But hey, if you want a little color don’t worry because the Portland also comes in blue…obviously, it’s our signature color! But if you love the Raleigh (as we do), but aren’t a farmhouse-style person then please come this way…

Neutral Eclectic

Ivory Hyperion Tasseled Cotton and Wool Area Rug | Natural Raleigh Striped Jute Area Rug

Boom! Modern. This combo is equally as interesting but has a totally different feel. God, design is fun. The Hyperion is the sibling to the Merrick (another bestseller and one of Em’s favorites). It’s the kind of rug that will elevate your space, making you look like you know how to make cool design choices without it actually being a risk since it’s in two safe and forgiving colors. That white has a good amount of color variation making it surprisingly forgiving.

So what do you think? Was this visually helpful? Are you needing to buy a rug? Have you bought one? How is it!?? We truly are so proud of these and want them to make your homes even more special. We also HIGHLY recommend a rug pad as they always make rugs more comfortable (obviously) and look more high-end. From tomorrow (11/22) to the November 30th Rugs USA is having its biggest sale of the year with 25% off sitewide! So now would be a great time to snag one of ours or any other rug on their site. We love them and you so hopefully we can all be in love together:) Happy rug shopping!!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Styled by Getteline Rene | Photos by Mark Weinberg

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