The Link Up: Em’s “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters She Bought, Jess’ New $15 Everyday Bra, And What Catilin Considers Life-Changing Sweatpants

December is here! If you celebrate Christmas, we hope all decorating is done so you can now just enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you don’t celebrate, we also hope you are enjoying your home and getting cozy. It’s chilly in Portland and it’s slightly chilly in LA so “cozy” is our current top priority. Ok, let’s get into these links!

This week’s house tour is impossible to not fall in love with. We’re calling it “rustic postmodern” and it just couldn’t be more charming AND cool. The last thing we’ll say before you go see it is #gallerywallsforever:) Go check it out here!

From Emily: While I’m still going to go thrifting to get some officially ugly Christmas sweaters, I just ordered this one because it’s super cute and has good reviews. Now, I haven’t tried this sweater myself so stay tuned on fit and comfort, but as far as style goes I’m into it (and I ordered the moose one, too). We are likely going to have a cozy small holiday party and require sweaters to get through the door (and I left my favorites in Arrowhead because we usually spend the holidays there!). But we are embracing the Suburban tradition full-on and making Charlie wear this one (from Target, much more affordable). Still on the hunt for Birdie!

From Jess: You know that feeling of anger and disappointment when you put on a dingy/not cute bra? I’m not talking about the special occasion bras, just the good ole everyday ones. Well, that’s been my experience with one of my bras for the past few months. Then the wire in my other everyday bra, the only one that I really liked, poked through the fabric. It was my fault. I need to be more careful when I wash them. So last week I decided I was going to gift myself a mini bra refresh at none other than Target. I’ve honestly had great luck in the past (the deceased one was from there)! I found this cutie that is simple, a little sexy, and has zero padding. PERFECT. Looks very Calvin Klein to me. Oh, and they are only $15! I got one in black and brown and I love them. The dingy one is finally out of my life. I’m a 36C if that’s helpful to anyone.

From Caitlin: It is officially winter INSIDE of my 100-year-old apartment, where temperatures have fallen into the high-50s. I have gas heat, but it’s really expensive and not super efficient (0 insulation) which means that I’ve gotten pretty good at dressing for warmth! To that end, I need to recommend my ultimate cozy weapon: these sherpa-lined sweats from L.L. Bean. My mom got me a pair last year for Christmas (and I’ve recommended them here before!) but if you are also a person-turned-popsicle, these are LIFE-CHANGING. Let me be clear: they add some bulk and they’re hard to fold, but they’re so soft and warm and plush and the lining still looks new, a year later. (I have to laugh at some of the negative reviews, which suggest that they might be “too warm” or “absolutely hideous” – I mean, they’re not wrong, but that’s kind of the point!) I’m not gonna win any beauty pageants in these, but they’re my favorite sweatpants and the lone piece of clothing keeping me from a $500 gas bill so EMPHATICALLY RECOMMEND:)

Also From Caitlin: A 2011-gem called “Million Dollar Decorators” just hit Netflix and it is SO BINGE-ABLE. It follows a few designers you’ve probably heard of – I don’t want to mention their names here, because I don’t think some of them are super likable on TV (!!!!) – but I’m OBSESSED with seeing which spaces have aged and which are still timeless. (It’s also fun to see these editorial spaces from a TV camera – interior photographers usually shoot from a low angle, so these standard camera shots are enlightening!) Has anyone else watched?!?!

From Arlyn: I’m a sucker for an understated Christmas sweater. I already have a handful in my closet but I couldn’t help but add a new one recently. This Peace on Earth sweatshirt from Target is so soft and just the right cut for my petite stature. It looks great with leggings, sweatpants, and jeans. The few times I’ve worn it, I’ve been asked where I got it. Sadly, many sizes are sold out, but in case you’re one of the sizes still left available, hurry hurry hurry! 

From Gretchen: There are so many makers I am loving on Instagram lately, but a few have really been standing out to me. I’m pretty sure the algorithm wants me to get into building custom cabinetry because I am consuming SO MANY inspiring DIY queens who just make it look all too easy. Fun fact: in sixth grade our class took a career aptitude test and it revealed I’d be best suited for a job in “cabinet carpentry”, which at the time felt like, “huh???” but now feels weirdly on the nose. I’ve dreamt up and hacked together many builds myself over the years, but Molly of @thelonegooseco is just killing it and really makes me want to learn to do it right and do it well, so that maybe one day I could fulfill that middle school destiny. I am currently obsessed with her hallway dresser build. She’s making the custom storage solution of my dreams and doing it completely from scratch. The best part is many of her videos really take you through the process of exactly how she does it, making the whole thing feel quite doable. I’ve decided I NEED a pocket hole jig because of her. Alongside her projects, I’m enjoying watching @reneerenovates custom-build her kitchen (by herself!) and @abby_roadhome, who just outfitted her son’s room with the coolest record storage bench and shelving combination. There are so many more incredible projects on each of their pages–go check them out!

From Mallory: I bought these cute snowmen from CB2 last year and it made me SO HAPPY to pull them out again this year. It’s always the first piece of holiday decor I put up because it’s more “winter” than full-on Christmas as Em would say, but they’re simple and make me really happy to look at. I have the small and large size and the best part is you could totally put some lights in them to make them glow all purty and nice:)

That’s is from us today and we promise this is going to be a VERY fun week:) See you tomorrow xx

Opening Image Credits: Design and Styled by Emily Henderson | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: The OFFICIAL First Farmhouse Christmas! (+ A Great Ribbon Hack And My Dream Color Palette)

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